Guest Player Pool

January 2023 GotSport released their Guest Player feature, now allowing players to register in the guest player pool for tournaments.

Players.   Players interested in being a Guest Player for the Weston Cup & Showcase will need to register online, at:

Coaches/Team Managers.  In need of a few guest players?  Please access the Guest Player Pool via your GotSport team account.  Within the team account, coaches/team managers can see the guest player pool and communicate with the player directly.

Support link, “How to Assign Guest Players to your Event Roster as a Coach/Manager”, see:

Teams are required to ensure proper guest player documentation from both loaning club and receiving club for any guest players that are not from your club.  Guest players need to be from the same sanctioned association to be able to participate with your team.  For any questions, please email Engrid Spence at  Thank you.