Weston Cup & Showcase Referees

Interested in being part of the referee pool for the Weston Cup & Showcase?  Please contact Mike Amato at [email protected] or at 407-234-7583 (cell).

Through our tournament partner, Tournament Success Group (TSG), and our Referee Director Mike Amato, our goal at the Weston Cup is to use best practices in provide best, most professional coordination of the referee logistics.  This includes:

  • Timely communication and coordination of all referee logistics
  • Use of Game Officials for scheduling, communication and payment
  • Schedules out early, 7-14 days prior to the start of the tournament
  • Mentors to provide coaching and feedback for referee development
  • Nutritional meals, snacks and water for referees
  • Best practices in assigning of games, number of games and level of games

Any questions please contact Mike Amato at [email protected].